Endovenous Laser ablation for Varicose veins

Endovenous Laser ablation for Varicose veins



Venous Ablation Therapy (Endovenous Laser Treatment [EVLT] is a minimally invasive option for treating venous incompetence (leaky valves).

1. The first stage of your procedure will involve inserting a catheter up the affected vein under Ultrasound guidance.

2. Your leg will then be numbed with a local anesthetic agent. During the second stage of the treatment, the catheter will be slowly retrieved.  As it is removed, it seals the affected vein closed. This will relieve the backflow pressure, which is causing your varicose veins. If we find any branches that need to be further addressed, we may treat them with a procedure called Ultrasound‐guided sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy and we will remove the veins with tiny small incisions. No stitches will be needed..

3. Following the procedure, we will put you in a compression dressing, which you will sleep in for 2 nights. You should then wear your compression garment for the next seven - ten days (or as instructed).